Monster news 2014-15

Heres the new cans what coming out soon from Monster Energy.

Monster Energy Unleaded (Caffeine free)


Ultra Black
Ultra Sunrise

new design Ripper

the new Monster Ripper (re-named from M-80) 473ml from USA

new design Khaos

Monster Energy Unleaded, Ultra Black, Übermonster in can
Übermonster in 550ml can

New design Ab Zero from US
The new design Absoluetly Zero 24oz from US

Monster Absolutely Zero 250ml from UK

Monster Java Cappuccino
The new DUB cans, Monster Punch Mad Dog & Ballers Blend
Silver & Black top Punch Mad Dog

Japan set with the brand new Coffee Monster

The new edition cans coming out soon!
Assault CoD Advanced Warfare edition

All picture from Monster Energy collectors group, from Facebook.
Some picturesand informations to energy-drinks.cz

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  1. Try something new other than monster bro.I had Active Pro a couple of days back and trust me its a very nice energy drink.

  2. Don’t stop… keep it competitive, stay engaged, be focussed and remain top of your game. Loco Drink - Don't Stop go Loco!