MEDC History

My energy drink can collection since 2007. In the first 2 year I collect that cans only, what I found in the shops and I drink it. From 2009 I start to find other collectors in my country. I had that time maybe 150-200 cans...
 I do some trades with other hungarian collectors. From 2010 summer, I start to trade with other collectors from other countries. I traded lot of times now and I collect ~ 820 different cans and 30 energy shots! In 2012 feb. I start this blog for testing the cans and write the news of energy drinks. My ambition for this year, the 1000 different energy drink! Help for me with sending cans :)

UPDATE: In the center of 2012, I reached the 1000 different cans!!

* Why I start collecting energy drinks? 

In 2007, I drink much energy drinks, and collect the cans in a big tower, but its have same cans, maybe 10 different, but 60-70 cans... Later, I moved into an other room, into the present one, and I wanted to throw it out all cans, but I thinking, and I'm  kept the different ones and I strat to collect the different cans... That you see on the first picture at 2007-2008.

The last picture is nowadays. 100-120 cans not have space on the shelfs, so that cans are in boxes now...

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